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How to Study Public Life [ Free Download]

Jan Gehl: How to Study Public Life

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Editorial Reviews Review "...it serves also as a knowledge map for those interested in understanding the roots of the renaissance of public spaces as a field of attention in urban planning, looking back at authors that influenced the works not only Jan Gehl´s ones, but also of all those addressing a new understanding of the importance of public life in our cities nowadays." ( Ciudades a Escala Humana )  “For decades, the public space, public life studies developed by Jan Gehl and his team have been a great inspiration for professionals, academics and city planners in all parts of the world. Now their secret tools are available to everyone in How to Study Public Life . It is just a matter now of getting out there and putting them to use.” (Peter Newman Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University, Australia ) “This important book is published at a time when the dynamics of urbanization dictate a better integration of urban activities, which Gehl has long shown how to achieve.”  (Peter Bosselmann Professor of Urban Design, University of California, Berkeley )  “Applying the principles of public life studies at the City of Melbourne has proven to be an invaluable tool for making our city more livable. How to Study Public Life is an essential tool-oriented book for all those striving to create better cities for people.” (Rob Adams Director of City Design, City of Melbourne ) "Gehl and Svarre’s How to Study Public Life is a refreshing manual for how to engage design professionals and the general public to observe, analyze, and assess the nature of their city." ( Oculus 2014-02-19) "Thanks to Gehl and Svarre, urban designers have a helpful reference for getting started with the process of getting outside into public spaces to look and learn" ( A Daily Dose of Architecture 2014-02-25) "Danish architect Jan Gehl and coauthor Birgitte Svarre provide a nicely illustrated overview of the the field they call 'public-life studies' in How to Study Public Life ." ( Planning 2014-03-01) "This is an excellent primer on how to 'recapture public life' as an important dimension in the design of vibrant, pedestrian-friendly city spaces. Gehl and Svarre... offer fine-grained guidance on the range of behaviors to observe, tools to employ for observing and documenting, and the types of life-enhancing design solutions generated from interpretation of collected data... This is an important book for architecture and design programs at all levels." ( CHOICE 2014-04-01) "fills a gap in the literature...Gehl is an unassuming but essential guide to this criminally underutilized method of analysis." ( Planetizen, Top 10 Books of 2014 ) About the Author Jan Gehl is a founding partner of Gehl Architects—Urban Quality Consultants. He is the author of Life Between Buildings and Cities for People . He has received numerous awards for his work and is widely credited with creating and renewing urban spaces in cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Melbourne, New York City, London, and many others. Birgitte Bundesen Svarre holds an MA in modern culture from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. She is part of Gehl Institute, the division at Gehl Architects that works with research and communication of knowledge at workshops for city planners, politicians and others with interest in life in the cities – as well as suburbs, a topic she has specialized within. She is a guest lecturer at various universities.


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October 15, 2013 1610914236 978-1610914239
  • Publisher: Island Press (October 15, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1610914236
  • Hardcover: 200 pages

  • File size: 3,5MB

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